My Bio

Juan Aguilar is a Chicagoan with a family of 5 that includes three daughters and wife. He is an IT professional with 20 years of professional consulting experience advising fortune 500 companies on highly complex information technology projects with Oracle Peoplesoft. This requires excellent client interaction, leadership, communication, planning, analytical, and implementation skills.

My Story

He has been a passionate sports fan since he was 5 years old and I developed this site for all sports fans who love watching sports and want to understand how to leverage their sports knowledge to generate a monthly income full time or part-time. You can simply subscribe and follow my lead on my daily forecasts or read the various reading material in my library to develop your own system. Over the years I have developed my own tools that consists of algorithms, predictive analytics and statistical data to forecast team and player performance in the various pro sports like CFB, CBB, NFL, NBA and MLB season. My methodology for executing my forecasts include the following criteria.

  • Utilizing Advanced Data Analysis Tools to produce daily forecasts
  • Research historical matchups and analyze the betting odds
  • Track bet % and daily Line Movements to identify discrepancies.
  • Ensure bankroll growth/Return on Investment

Follow the Leader is dedicated to anyone who loves sports and has a passion to learn how to forecast player and team performance and would like to take that knowledge beyond just a hobby and utilize it to make a living on a full time or part-time basis working from home. Follow me on my journey as I transition to my new career as a sports bettor/fantasy player working from home.

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