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9. SCORING League Settings


11. Consolation Bracket (TOILET BOWL)











The purpose of these bylaws is to:

A. ensure a fair and fun league for all owners

B. promote the long-term viability of the league.

C. If a rule is not explicitly stated, interpretations will consider these criteria and new rules will be voted on and subsequently documented in these bylaws.

D. If this document disagrees with league site settings, site settings will prevail until corrected.

● 12 teams playing a 13-game schedule with 3 weeks of playoffs.

● 16 roster spots

● 16 Players – QB / 2RB / 2WR / TE / 2(RB/WR/TE) / K/ DEF /1 IR / 6 Bench

  • Each team can put one player on Injured Reserve
  • Each team can select one free agent after the draft on or after September 2nd

● Free agents acquired by Blind Bid Auction processed on Wednesdays. Dropped players and all free agents after game start will be placed on waivers. Dropped players will spend a minimum of 24 hours on the waiver wire. After waivers, the remaining free agents are available by First Come First Serve claims.

● Three-week, eight-team playoff structure running NFL weeks 14-16.

● Trading prohibited from beginning of NFL Week 10 to the end of NFL Week 16.

● Consolation bracket (“Toilet Bowl”) for four non-playoff teams running NFL weeks 14-16.

● $300 annual league dues.

● Cash Prize pools with 100% payouts.

● The league is designed to run for multiple Years with smooth ownership transitions if necessary. Rules may be modified by league vote to achieve overarching goals.



Every Year we will hold a 16 round Snake Type Draft on September 1st. The league will always try and work around everyone’s schedule. Generally, we will try and draft in the first weekend of September.

2019 Draft will be Sunday 09/01 8PM CDT

The first year and thereafter the draft order will be randomized and every year the draft order will be determined by a draft lottery produced by a neutral party such as as shown below

Review the example below of a Snake Draft for a 12 team Fantasy Football league

Owners should always try and be available for the draft. If you can’t make it the auto draft system will make the picks for you.



The Free Agent Acquisition Budget system (also known as a FAAB) allocates a budget of fake “money” to each team before the season for them to spend on free agent players on waivers. Waiver claims are awarded to the highest bidder instead of the worst-ranked team. Each time a claim is processed, the bid amount is deducted from the remaining budget.

  • Teams will have a $200 Spending Limit. This is a hard cap. The $200 must last you the whole season.
  • Teams may not trade FAAB Funds
  • Bids are blind, so other managers can’t see what your bid is.
  • The highest bid at the end of the waiver period wins the player.
  • The winning manager has their bid removed from their FAAB budget.
  • In the event of a tie, a continuing rolling list waiver priority order is implemented for the tiebreaker, based on draft order. If you waiver a player at all, you go to the end of the list. If you make any free agent acquisitions, it will not affect this priority order.
  • The minimum bid on any player is $0.


Yahoo site:

League Dues:


This league calendar will be updated by the Commissioner.

7/1/2019 League has been setup
7/19/2019 Recruiting League Owners
7/29/2019 BFFL By Laws Completed
8/1/2019 Find New Franchise Owners for 12 team league
8/13/2019 Franchise Owners Meeting
9/01/2019 Fantasy Football Draft
9/1/2019 1st installment of league fee is Due $100
9/01/2019 Fantasy Football Draft
10/01/2019 2nd Installment of league fee is Due $100
11/01/2019 3rd and final installment of league fee is Due $100
11/23/2019 BFFL Trade Deadline NFL Week 12
12/05/2019 1st RD Playoffs and Consolation Bracket Begin
12/15/2019 2nd RD Semifinals Begin
12/22/2019 League Championship and Toilet Bowl Begin
12/30/2019 Cash Prize Payouts


League dues are $300 per season per team and are non-refundable.

An owner may not participate in any draft until they receive an invitation from the commissioner.

If an owner leaves the league for any reason, his dues are forfeit to the prize pool and he will have no claim to them in any way. This includes if he finds a replacement owner, unless the replacement owner is willing to reimburse him and pay the dues required to join the league.

If an owner cannot reasonably meet the dues deadline, they must notify the Commissioner and make alternate arrangements. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of their team for the current season and seeking a replacement owner. Don’t be that guy.


The payout structure is based on dues of a $300 per team per season.

1st place – $2000

2nd place – $500

3rd place – $400

4th place – $300

5th thru 12th place – $25

Consolation Bracket Winner (1st Overall Pick in 2020 Fantasy Draft)

Championship Belt ($150)

Consolation Bracket Trophy ($50)


League rosters will consist of no more than 15 players during a season. There are no roster limits during the off season, meaning that roster limits only apply from the final cut down before the Draft and before the first game of a team’s season. Violation of this rule will subject a team to league sanctions, but don’t be that guy.

Teams are required to submit a full starting lineup each regular season week during the regular season and, if applicable, each playoff week.

A starting lineup shall consist of 11 players:

● 1 Quarterback (QB)

● 2 Running Back (RB)

● 2 Wide Receivers (WR)

● 1 Tight End (TE)

● 2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

● 1 Defense (D)

  • 1 Kicker

● 5 Bench (BN)


Player positions are determined by the Yahoo site. No restrictions are currently in place.

Owners should be aware that Yahoo may change a player’s position at any time pursuant to that player’s NFL team changing their position, e.g. switching a player who was previously a wide receiver (WR) that of a running back (RB). These changes shall not be overruled by the League under any circumstances. These changes become effective when they are made by Yahoo Fantasy.

Owners are responsible for assessing the possibility that a given player may change positions before acquiring the player.

Players are not locked into a team’s starting lineup until the game in which the player is participating has kicked off, at which point they may not be removed.

9. SCORING League Settings

Regular season games that are tied (0.1point scoring) will officially be recorded as a tie.


Playoffs will take place during Weeks 14-16 of the NFL season. The eight playoffs teams will be seeded as follows:

● Top 8 Teams with the best record

Tiebreakers for all standings and playoff spots and will be determined by Yahoo Fantasy which should use this order. If this list is in error, Yahoo Fantasy Commissioner standings and tiebreakers will prevail.

● Overall Record

● Points for and Points Against Net Differential

Playoff Round 1. Playoff teams will be manually reseeded in the event of an upset in Round 1. For example: If Seed 6 defeats Seed 3 in Round 1, Seed 1 will now play Seed 6, and Seed 2 will play the winner of Seed 5 & Seed 4.

There will be no ties in the Playoffs. Ties will be resolved by:

● In the event there is a tie the higher seed will win.

11. Consolation Bracket (TOILET BOWL)

The 4 teams that do not advance to the playoffs in each conference will participate in the Toilet Bowl playoffs. These teams will be seeded one through four, with the number one seed going to the team with the worst record. Tiebreakers (see above) will be used if necessary.


Any player not on a league roster is considered a free agent. Free agents may be claimed by owners during one of two periods each week: The Waivers Period and the First Come, First Served (FCFS) Period. Free agents whose NFL teams have participated in a game and players dropped since the last Waiver Period ended are not eligible to be claimed until the following Waiver Period.


Trading is encouraged. There is no limit on the amount of trades.

Trading is only permitted by teams who are paid in full for the current season.

Trades are not allowed during the period shown in the league calendar (post the week 12 deadline and the league playoffs).

Once a trade has been proposed and accepted via the site, it cannot be rescinded except for owner error. If a trade was offered or accepted in error, the owner making the error must notify the Commissioner and the owner of the other team immediately (i.e. within 5 minutes of the trade’s acceptance) to request that the trade be voided. Trades will only be revoked because of legitimate owner error that is reported in a timely manner; owners may not request that a trade be voided due to buyer’s remorse, seller’s remorse or failure to perform due diligence before proposing or accepting a trade. The Commissioner reserves the right to allow a trade to stand if an owner’s claim of error is not deemed to be credible.

Owners shall use their best efforts to respond promptly (within 24 hours) to trade offers from other owners. Owners are encouraged to check for trade offers every time they log on to the site, and owners should immediately reject a trade they deem unacceptable.

The Commissioner may, under rare circumstances, decide that a trade is either anti-competitive, or not in the best long-term interest of the league. In this case, the Commissioner must decide to disallow the trade. The rationale for this trade veto will be documented on Slack. A Commissioner trade veto can be overridden by 6 of 10 owners.


Yahoo data provider will update stats throughout Sunday and then we run stat corrections 11pm PST after MNF and then it runs again at 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm PST Tuesday night. We will occasionally update stat corrections after Tuesday when the official NFL gamebook comes out.


An owner may retire from the league in good standing. At the beginning of the league calendar year the commissioner will send out a notification asking which owners are planning to return. If you wish to return great if not that’s fine too. You must let the league office know before July 1st, 2020

Aside from retirement, orphan teams can be created through the following circumstances:

● Quitting owner: If an owner publicly declares they are quitting the league on the Yahoo site or chat, the team is immediately classified as an orphan team and the Commissioner will assume control of the team until a replacement owner is found. Public, written “I quit” declarations are permanent and irrevocable; quitting owners are permanently barred from seeking reinstatement to the league.

● Abandoning owner: A team is considered abandoned during the season if an owner fails to set a lineup for two consecutive games.

● Removal of an owner for failure to pay league fees by the agreed Payment Deadline

● Removal of an owner for cheating or anti-competitive conduct

● Removal of an owner or multiple owners for collusion between teams

● Removal of an owner or owners for offering and/or accepting bribes (i.e. real-life money or any other real-life consideration) as an incentive to complete league trades, league transactions or influence league activity of any kind.

● Removal of an owner for repeated failure to return league emails and trade offers in a timely manner.

● Removal of an owner for conduct or transactions detrimental to the league.

● Removal of an owner for failing to maintain the minimum or maximum roster size.

● Removal of an owner for repeated failure to adhere to league rules or abide by Commissioner rulings.

● Removal of an owner for repeated failure to communicate with owners or the Commissioner in a mature or respectful manner.

If a team is orphaned during the season, the Commissioner will set that team’s roster for the remainder of that season. The stated preference is that the Commissioner setting the orphan team’s roster not be scheduled to play that orphan team during the season. In the event the Commissioner’s team does play the orphan team during the season, another league member shall set the orphan team’s lineup for that game.

Payouts won by a team orphaned during a regular season will be put into the following year’s pool to be distributed as extra prize winnings if no replacement owner is found.


Proposed rules or scoring changes must be communicated to all owners. This may be achieved by posting in the official league #suggestions channel.

For binary votes: 7 of 12 owners voting in favor the change will result in a successful change.

For votes with more than one option: If no majority is achieved, the option with the most votes will succeed. If no option receives the single most votes, the proposal will fail. The proposer will be given one additional opportunity to submit a variation of this rule change in this calendar year in order to achieve the required number of votes.

Changes will be implemented in the following league year unless otherwise specified.

If you would like to propose a change, please text the commissioner  or email with your concerns and ideas.



Preparation is the key to short-term survival and long-term success in a Re Draft. Owners are expected to be prepared for the annual drafts and to monitor NFL activities throughout the regular season and offseason, including but not limited to up-to-date knowledge of player injuries and which players and coaches have changed teams or retired.

Participation is the lifeblood of this league, even more than rivalries, free agents, statistics or drafts. Maintaining a sense of community and respect among owners is vital to the league’s long-term survival and owners’ long-term enjoyment.

In addition to the above, owners are also required to adhere to the following responsibilities on behalf of their teams. An owner who fails to adhere to one or more of these responsibilities will be subject to Commissioner’s sanctions:


● Owners are responsible for ensuring their team has current lineups

● Owners are responsible for knowing and following the rules and schedule listed in these bylaw as well as on the League Site.

● Owners are responsible for responding to emails or private messages from the Commissioner other owners in a timely manner.

● Owners are responsible for taking part in league votes and debates.

● Owners are responsible for regularly accessing the league’s Yahoo site.

● Owners are responsible for responding to trade offers in a timely manner.

● Owners are responsible for participating in all required league functions and scheduled events, whether they occur in the regular season or offseason.

● Owners are responsible for submitting weekly lineups.

● Owners are responsible for notifying a Commissioner if they will be away for an excessive period so arrangements can be made to set lineups and/or manage the team during that owner’s absence.


Anti-competitive conduct is defined as owners or teams engaging in conduct that prevents, reduces or otherwise negatively affects the natural competition and well-being of the league. The following anticompetitive actions are strictly prohibited. Violations of these rules shall vote on by the Commissioner and the Commissioner may subject an owner or owners to sanctions, which may include immediate removal from the league:

Tanking: Owners are expected to use their best efforts to set their best available lineup every week of competition, even if they are well out of playoff contention. Tanking is defined as failing to submit their best available starting lineup either intentionally or through indifference. It is understood that owners may play hunches on who to start and won’t always start the player who scores the most points.

Anti-competitive Trades: Owners may not make trades that result in worsening their own team in order to stock another team playing a third team they want or need to lose. The Commissioner may retroactively void a trade if there is clear and convincing evidence that the trade was prohibited on anti-competitive grounds that were not apparent at the time of the trade.

Collusion: Collusion is defined as two or more owners planning and/or acting in concert to influence the results of league activities such as game outcomes, draft standing or player availability. Any unsportsmanlike conduct coordinated between two or more owners is collusion, as is teams trading to consolidate better players on one team and/or agreeing to share payouts by acting in concert. Trading a player with the condition that he be traded back would be considered collusion, and against the rules. Owners engaging in collusion are subject to penalties and/or immediate removal from the league.

Dumping: An owner who, without good reason, cuts players from their team who are obviously valuable is subject to Commissioner’s sanctions. If an owner continues to dump players after sanctions are imposed, the owner shall be removed from the league. It is understood that teams can and will drop “borderline” players from their rosters but dropping obvious fantasy starters or large amounts of average players in an attempt to increase draft position, make players available to other by way of collusion or sabotage the integrity of the league shall not be tolerated.

Indifference: An owner who fails to submit a starting lineup or fails to replace inactive players who are injured, benched, suspended or on their bye week is subject to Commissioner’s sanctions for a first offense. An owner who fails to set a starting lineup due to indifference twice in the same season is subject to removal from the league.


Protests, grievances and appeals will be submitted to the Commissioner via email and the commissioner will submit all these requests to the Owners committee that consists of three volunteer owners. The Committee will be the final authority on all sanctions only to be overturned by a unanimous vote by all other owners on a league wide poll.

Owners Committee must approve by unanimous decision a change in league Commissioner by submitted request via email or text.

Prepared By,

BFFL Commissioner

Juan Aguilar

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